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How To Dress For A Job Interview [6 Tips]

March 23, 2016 | by Paul

Your resume rocks. And when it knocks, doors open. You’re more-than-qualified for this job. Now you just need to seal the deal at the interview. But what do you wear? These six tips will ensure you look professional:

  • Research a company’s branding guidelines online to ensure your clothing is the correct Pantone shade for the office.
  • Always wear undies under your Utilikilt — you don’t want to accidentally flash dong.
  • Print your resume on your undershirt. If things get sexual and you start to undress, you want to continue to highlight your professional qualifications.
  • Download the company’s logo and create business cards as if you already work there. Handing one of those to the hiring manager will help her picture you in the role.
  • Take a tip from the pros — wear eye black to cut down on conference room glace. This is your game day!
  • Snort contemptuously when the interviewer asks about your shoes and reply: “If Cody Lundin doesn’t need shoes in the wilds of Arizona, why would a man like me need them in a temperature-controlled office?”


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