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Seiko 5 Watch for $50

October 15, 2015 | by Josh

The Seiko 5 is one of the few entry level watches that are ubiquitously recommended. Amazon is selling them for just $50 for today only (10/15). We recently reviewed the Timex Weekender (another great entry-level watch) and while the Seiko 5 is a little bit more expensive, the automatic movement is a little bit geekier. There’s something neat about self-winding mechanical watches over those with batteries.  It’ll be quieter than the Weekender, too!


Seiko 5 Automatic Watch, $48.99 (regular price $58, list price $185)

Both offerings are Stainless Steel. There’s the white dial (pictured below), as well as an option for the blue dial Seiko 5. Still, the shield logo with the 5 in the middle tells you it’s the same pedigree of watch that’s been a mainstay for decades. Plus the exhibition back on both watches? Hnnng.

From GearPatrol’s Seiko 5 writeup:

It’s a flawlessly performing timepiece with a mechanical manufacture movement, made by a company whose current president & CEO is directly descended from the founder — and the thing will run practically forever with little or no maintenance. To be blunt, that’s more than can be said for some watches 100 times more expensive.

Seiko 5Seiko 5 exhibition back


Our only gripe about these Seiko’s is that the bracelet is ugly. Functional, but ugly. We’d spend an extra $10 to put a more casual 18mm Nato Strap on it.

>> Get it before the day is over!

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