Back to the Future 2 2015

The Rollup: Back to the Future Day

October 21, 2015 | by Josh

Are you inundated with Back to the Future Day marketing? Yeah, us too. We’ve sorted through the majority of it to put together a “best-of” for you because some of it is legitimately good!

Rarely is a movie as old as Back to the Future this suddenly relevant on a specific date “in the future.” Especially a sequel that Gene Siskel called “Disappointing” when it came out in 1989. Whether it’s a great piece of marketing by Universal, or a groundswell of support by fanboys and girls there are some heavy hitters getting in on the gaffes today. If you don’t feel like celebraing BTTF Day yourself, check out some of our favorite celebrations from around the Interweb!


First of all, why is this happening?

Since you’re the geek in your friend group and family you know that someone is going to ask you to explain this to them eventually. Today is the furthest date in the future that Marty and Doc traveled, and it seemed impossibly far in the future when I first saw the movie. Here’s a clip if you don’t remember BTTF2 that well. The movie included hoverboards, flying cars, virtual/augmented reality goggles, video conferencing, powered clothing, and shoes that lace themselves up.


Google’s “Project Flux”

Google “accidentally leaked” a “confidential pdf” today that details their progress and future plans for time-traveling vehicles.

Initial tests performed with control watches under intense scrutiny have been successful with over 3,306 years traveled across test flights.

Unsafe travel with Flux can have serious repercussions on future events, up to and including erasure from existence. To understand causes of post-future disruption all tests were performed double-blind in which two or more users travel to the same spacetime to make specific interventions (or none). Present observers were positioned to evaluate any changes and abort travel if necessary.

Project Flux


Ford is tagging along on the same joke as Google, but they went harder than just leaking a PDF

It may not be the highest production video of all time, but that took a little manpower to get a working flux capacitor in a car. But, without a date/time readout and a gps I have a feeling you’ll have a lot of people wondering where and when they are.


If you play a lot of Rocket League Racing they’re offering a BTTF car pack

There’s a pretty hype video on the Steam Store, too. I need to check that game out still, it looks awesome, and the DeLorean fits perfectly with the subject matter. Plus, check out the sweet destruction animation!

Rocket League DeLorean


Universal Studios Japan has a lot of McFlys


The Cubs, down 0-3 in their playoff series with the Mets, need the good juju


If you’re in NYC and you use Lyft you can request a DeLorean today

And the rides are free between 11am and 5pm today. I wonder how long the wait will be? And I wonder if the drivers are willing to hit 88 MPH on the city streets?


Even Marvel is getting into it with some Deadpool and Cable fan art

Oh Deadpool.



It will probably take me 4 hours to put this together

Ikea Hoverboard




And finally, you should really be worried about 2017

Don’t forget that the world economy will collapse in just a few years time. Get ready for some killer game shows!

Back to the Future Running Man

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