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Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket Review

January 6, 2016 | by Paul

I picked up a Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket during a recent one-day sale. And I really like it.

The thing is very, very light. So light that the only bad reviews are about it being lighter than last year’s version.

Me? I don’t care. It’s exactly what I want — something I can stuff in my backpack and throw on when it’s cold and/or windy. I’ve worn it while the weather’s dipped into the higher 40s and been perfectly comfortable. On top of a sweater and paired with gloves, I’ve been more than warm-enough during my Chicago commute this winter. That tune may change if temps start dropping consistently below 20. It’s deceiving though. The thing is so lightweight and windproof that it’s easy to forget how warm it is. I’ve worn it on a bunch of too-warm days during this surprisingly-warm December when I should have just thrown on my fleece.

Gripes? The zipper is on the “wrong” side. But I can get used to that. Evidently, that’s an American zipper thing. The things you learn on the Google … you can also nerd-out on fill weights over here.

But other than that … I even like that the pockets zip up from the bottom (so an incomplete zip still prevents your change or keys from spilling out). Not every jacket does that. The fit is nice and trim too. And not every jacket is this price. The competition starts at $100+.

Good news is that they’re still on sale today.

Want one? Free shipping starts at $50.

Uniqlo Men’s Ultra Light Down Jacket, $70 (was $80)


SPRZ NY Men’s Light Down Hooded Jacket, $100

Uniqlo SPRZ NY Light Down Hooded Jacket

Uniqlo Men’s Ultra Light Down Quilted Vest, $40 (was $60)

Uniqlo Mens Ultra Light Down Quilted Vest

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