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October 23, 2015 | by Josh

Bean Boots are back to the point that it’s hard to get your hands on them

Bean Boots Meme

Youtube Red isn’t the same as RedTube?

Are you a grumpy old technologist that needs a pick-me-up? ()

I promise that even though the title is clickbait-y, that the content is good! Does this sounds like you, because I feel like this more than I care to admit:

My negative thinking was reinforced by what I saw. All of the new technologies looked like fads. I hated Node.js. I felt that web development frameworks were awful, and lamented the corruption of some of my sacred cows into cliche-ridden “movements” like Agile and Extreme Programming. I longed for the days when people did specs, coded and tested carefully, and didn’t have a thousand buzzwords in every article.

DYK that 20 years ago Levi’s was bigger than Nike? I mean, holy shit!

Face-cut glue review

Google bought Waze a while back, and we finally get some news!

Their icons will always make me think of Animal Crossing.

Apple is being a bro and protecting our data

I’m a gamer, so I use Windows machines. And holy crap the new Microsoft Surface Book showing its mettle against those sexy Macbook Pros

Drone license and registration please, sir

A Google employee lives in a van in the parking lot

I would have chosen an RV over a panel truck, but to each their own!

Google Van


Can’t get enough of lists? Or of reading? Check out last week’s episode! Have a great weekend!

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