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Last Minute Geeky Halloween Costume Ideas

October 27, 2015 | by Josh

If you’re like me, you wait until the last possible second to slap something together for Halloween. If you’re looking for something more “sexy and well-dressed” than fun and geeky, check out this Dappered article. Here are a few ideas that you can pull together before Friday!


Burt Macklin, FBI

Any pant, shirt and tie will do… but think government salary & dress code on this one. It’s not easy to find an FBI jacket (I think people are dissuaded from impersonating federal agents) so you’ll have to about 2 minutes of work after buying the supplies.

What you’ll need:

  • Black pants – Macy’s is running a Sale on Levi’s Commuter Pants. $35.30 including Shipping! Use the code “RED” at checkout.
  • White/light shirt – I’m assuming you have a button down, but Banana Republic is running a 50% off sale styles with the code “BRSALE” if you need something new.
  • Dark tie – keep it simple and earth-toned
  • 80s cop sunglasses
  • Dickies snap-front jacket
  • Yellow duck tape – Tape the letters on the breast an back of your jacket, just like the real Burt Macklin! (He’s not real though. That’s not what we’re trying to say.)

Bonus if you were blessed with a mess of ginger hair and a short beard!


Rick, from Rick and Morty

If you haven’t been watching Rick and Morty for the past couple of years, do yourself a favor and catch up. It’s hilarious.

Uncle Rick should be easy, right?

Even with just the labcoat, wig, eyebrows and flask everyone will know who you are. And by everyone, I mean everyone that’s worth talking to in the first place, amirite?!


Netflix & Chill

Netflix and Chill

This guy killed it, basically creating his own meme earlier this year. This should be the easiest to pull off yet.

If you really want to go hard, go to your local gas station and get some real ice. If you’re heading to a friend’s house I’m sure they’ll appreciate the ice. Once you explain your costume and hand over the ice, the’ll be like “oh man, now you’re just Netflix and you’ve got no chill!” At that point you can pull out your prop ice. It will most likely blow everyone’s minds and result in a standing ovation. Then you pick out the prettiest girl (or boy) at the party and take them home with you for some Netflix & Chill action. You can thank me later.


Bill Lumbergh, from Office Space

Let’s try and match the outfit from 2:42 in the video when he’s in the basement talking to Milton. That stuff is reusable-ish in other outfits. I won’t suggest that you buy his matching paisley tie+suspenders from earlier in the video, but props to you if you do it!

  • A contrast-collar shirt – $35.18 from J.Crew including S&H. Use the code “FALLSALE” to get 40% off.
  • Khaki suspenders – $26.90 from Macy’s including S&H. Use the code “RED” to get 20% off.
  • Silvers silk tie – From tie bar
  • Khakis – Man. if you have baggy khakis, wear them. I’m not going to suggest you buy a pair though. Just wear any slacks you own.
  • Dress shoes – Again, I’m not going to suggest any big square-toe shoes from the late 90s. Just rock whatever dress shoes you have.
  • The glasses
  • The mug – $20 for a mug to get here on time. You could probably pick up a plain white mug
  • Swingline Stapler – I know, it’s Milton’s stapler. But if you don’t want to pay out the ass for a novelty mug, this is the other prop that even more people will recall from the film than the name of the company



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