J.Crew Dock Peacoat with Thinsulate for just $175

October 28, 2015 | by Josh

The Dock Peacoat from J.Crew is a staple if you spend time outside during the winter up north. It may only be fall, but snow is already threatening this week in Chicago. It’s perfect timing for J.Crew’s Fall Sale to have a few coats on sale.


J.Crew Dock Peacoat with Thinsulate, $175 + Free Shipping (originally $298.00)

Use the code “FALLSALE

If you are looking for a coat with a lot of buttons and pockets, then you finally found one! No joke though, the inclusion of the hand-warmer pockets on the breast of the coat are a lifesaver for those days you’re standing on a train platform without gloves on. They also made this coat in a slim fit, so it won’t look quite so boxy like so many other winter coats do. They also have sizes available in Tall if you’re… tall, or if you’ve always wanted warm knees.

Modeled after a 1930s-style military coat with an authentic 10-button front, this version is updated with a slightly slimmer fit and finished with more pockets, making it ideal for everywhere other than the deck of a ship—though it would probably work there too.

J.Crew Dock Peacoat with Thinsulate


Wallace & Barnes Ventile Hooded Jacket, $233.99 +FS (originally $495.00)

Use the code “FALLSALE

This one is for you folks in warmer climates that still want to do some fall and winter layering, or people from the North that want a weatherproof outer layer. So to start off, this coat is made from Ventile. What the fuck is Ventile?

Ventile is a densely woven 100 percent cotton fabric developed in England during World War II and was the solution to a problem the Royal Air Force was having. After losing shot-down pilots to exposure in the Arctic Ocean, they switched their flight suits to Ventile and found that the survival rate skyrocketed thanks to the fabric’s waterproof nature. After decades of high performance, it’s still used today for the RAF and NATO air forces and in this hooded jacket.

So, to explain better than J.Crew does: Ventile is not a coated fabric, it’s cotton that’s woven very densely. So densely that it takes advantage of the swelling properties of cotton that has been exposed to moisture to make the fabric weatherproof for all intents and purposes. The result of using Ventile is a lightweight jacket that’s nearly as weatherproof as a Gore-Tex jacket, but without the crinkly mountaineering look to it. Like the peacoat above, this jacket has a slimmer fit than most winter jackets so you won’t look like you’re wearing an oversized pillow-case.

Be aware that this is a final sale, so no returns or exchanges!

Wallace & Barnes Ventile Hooded Jacket


Check out our article on J.Crew’s discounted summer styles, or check out the rest of the sale and let us know if you find something we missed!

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