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October 30, 2015 | by Josh

Our weekly reading list a curated group of articles and media that we found compelling enough to share. Some of it may be timely, some of it may be from the archives, but we hope that it will be compelling enough to give you a something to talk around the water cooler, and maybe laugh a little along the way. 

For all you denim-heads out there, raw denim is out and dad-jeans are in! (it’s never too late to dig up old April Fools articles, right?)


And who doesn’t love those cutting-edge OCBDs?! (this might be the funniest shit I’ve read all year, the truth hurts)


The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland Fashion


Uniqlo does the basics better than anyone, so I guess it’s high-time to start calling it the “something” of “something”


Will the major carriers start allowing WiFi calling from your new iPhone?


Keep your clothes wrinkle free and your cords untangled on your next trip


If you love that Aerials Screensaver on your Apple TV, then why shouldn’t you have it on your Mac too?

Aerials Screensaver




Lastly, in the “Things I desparately need that I’m unsure how to bring up to my wife,” department
  • This first-person paper airplane drone. Their website allows you to sign-up to get notified when their kickstarter launches. Pre-pre-registration. Man oh man, I hope this thing is real!
  • As an aside, why is everything a drone now? It’s like when we renamed laptops to “notebooks.”


Can’t get enough of lists? Or of reading? Check out last week’s episode! Have a great weekend!

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