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November Prize: Win an Amazon Fire Tablet

November 18, 2015 | by Team HC

If you’re like us, you’re curious about the new Amazon Fire tablets. How are they so cheap? The new 7″ model is $50that’s cheaper than a Kindle! How is that possible?

Yeah, the 8″ Fire HD 8 looks cool too, but that $50 model? Kinda want a six-pack. With promo code FIRE6PACK, you get a free one after purchasing five. Mind: blown.

But is it any good? I gave one a go at an Amazon pop-up store in San Francisco this week and I loved it. Fortune magazine says it’s worth every penny. “Every penny” of $50 is pretty cheap, but not I’m-just-buying-one-on-impulse cheap. At least not for everyone.

Amazon Fire Tablet Specs

So we’re giving one away. Enter here to win an Amazon Fire tablet. You’ll need a Google Account to verify you are a human. Robots don’t need watches. Robots don’t need computers — they are computers.

The winner will be selected at random from all entries received by midnight, 11/30/2015 and contacted via email.

>> Win a Fire tablet!


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