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Netflix Pro Tip: Move to London to Watch Always Sunny Season 10 and Archer Season 6

November 3, 2015 | by Paul

Here’s something I realized: If I were to live in London, I could watch Always Sunny season 10 and Archer season 6 on Netflix right now. They’re available now in the UK. They are not available to Netflix watchers in the US.

But I don’t live in London. I live in Chicago. So I guess I’m stuck, unless I’m willing to pay $32 for season 6 of Archer on Amazon Prime Video or iTunes. But why should I have to pay $32 when people across the pond get it as a part of the subscription that I’m already paying for?

If only there was a way to virtually and privately connect to a London-based network and appear to be in the UK. Then I could watch Always Sunny season 10 and Archer season 6 right now, on my couch, in the US.

Too bad that’s impossible. I guess I’ll have to move to London. There’s definitely no way to virtually re-locate to the UK and watch these episodes for free on Netflix from the US. Nooope. Can’t be done.

But if you need an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV, this one is nice. Or you could setup a media PC.

You just need a few thousand miles of ethernet cord to make this work, right? There’s NO OTHER WAY.

Note: The thing that we’re definitely not talking about is something we and others have done without issues, but need to let you know something important. This is against Netflix’s Terms of Use (check out points 6.b, and 6.h if you’re interested) and an account-bannable offense. That being said: Netflix hasn’t banned anyone for this yet and it’s something they put in their ToU to cover their asses legally, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t change their enforcement of their Terms of Use in the future.

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