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Our Friday Reading List: Featuring big guy style, Apple 3D touch, screw finding your passion, tips for how PMs should interact with developers, and more!

November 6, 2015 | by Josh

Our weekly reading list a curated group of articles and media that we found compelling enough to share. Some of it may be timely, some of it may be from the archives, but we hope that it will be compelling enough to give you a something to talk around the water cooler, and maybe laugh a little along the way. 

Just cause you’re a big guy doesn’t mean that moo moos are the answer
Getting better at using this newest version of Force Touch will make you love your iPhone even more
Ever wonder what you should do with your life? You’re already doing it! (reading Hacker Casual!)
Project Managers aren’t always great at working with technologists. It’s high time we provided them a little insight.
Google’s leveraging machine learning to suggest replies to your emails. This is a high-anxiety introvert’s dream!
 What would you do if your company forced you to switch phones? I mean, at least they’re not being forced to use Blackberrys (or, oh god, Windows phones)
 Backpacks have only been popular for a couple of decades. Not it all makes sense why no older professionals are wearing them!
[NSFL for Sneakerheads]


Can’t get enough of lists? Or of reading? Check out last week’s episode! Have a great weekend!

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