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Five Fashion Lessons From Chicago’s AWS Summit

July 1, 2015 | by Paul

IMG_20150701_092933410Amazon Web Services held a conference in Chicago today. Here are a few fashion lessons from the event.

1) We’re a stylish bunch

Fashionable jeans, nice sneakers, button-down shirts — we’re a stylish bunch. Suits were the rare exception. Same with sloppiness. Nearly everybody was sharp and put-together.

2) We like our messenger bags

Messenger bags — filled with laptops, power cables, tablets, and gear — were everywhere. Bonus points if yours has your company name embroidered on it. Extra bonus points if it’s a slick model from Timbuk2 instead of some no-name generic.

3) Vibram Five Fingers shoes look good on nobody

Saw a pair. Just one. Phew. Such specific shoes surely have their place. Maybe in a canoe?


4) Phones are the new notebooks

Need to take a note? Take a photo instead. New slide during the keynote? Why type notes on the laptop. Whip out the phone. Click. Click. Click. Noted. No notebook needed.

5) Glasses everywhere

Lots of glasses. Must be those damn computer screens. A lot of us wear glasses. A lot of us look good wearing glasses.


That’s what I picked up on during the summit. And some stuff about cloud services, of course.

[Photo Credit: Nimesh Madhavan]

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