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Nordstrom, Gap, and Uniqlo sales. Color us overjoyed!

November 6, 2015 | by Josh

Nordstrom and Gap are both running compelling sales right now, and we have our picks included below. In addition Uniqlo has their Arrigato sale running from 11/6 through 11/9 with new things on sale each day. Check back with them, because the sale page has already updated twice since we’ve been looking at it in the past day.


Nordstrom: 40% off clearance event through 11/15

Nordstrom’s selection of casual clothes may be slim pickings (mostly due to limited sizes available), but Dappered has some great picks from this sale if you’re interested in dressing up.


Bonobos “The Blue Jean”, $79.06 + Free Shipping (regularly $118)

You know exactly what you’re getting in this offering from Bonobos. Premium denim with a little stretch. Wash them or don’t, they’ll become your favorite pair of jeans.

Bonobos The Blue Jean


Nike Air Epic Sneaker, $89.96 + FS (regularly $110)

Making a comeback from Nike’s 1985 lineup, we love this colorway for the fall.

Nike Air Epic




GAP: 40% off event through 11/8 using the code FFBEST.

Dappered did a great job covering this sale too, so head over there to check out their picks.


1969 slim fit jeans (Japanese selvedge), $65 + FS (regularly $108)

This is a great price point to get a pair of raw denim jeans. These are a deep indigo dyed 13 oz denim, so they’ll start off stiff and they will fade over time. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t ever wash them.

Gap 1969 slim fit jeans (Japanese selvedge)


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