Veterans Day Sale

Holiday Sale: 40% off at Banana Republic, Gap, & Old Navy

November 10, 2015 | by Josh

Use the code HOLIDAY at checkout. Free shipping on orders over $50.

While all Gap brands are running the same sale, Banana Republic is the star of the show. They have been running their “n%-off of already-on-sale items” for what seems like weeks now without replenishing their sale stock. This Holiday sale applies to non sale items which is sweet. Also, if you missed your one-time-use BR Friends and Family 50% off coupon code this is a solid second chance at getting great prices on quality goods. Exclusions are BR Picks, Leather, Cashmere, other things… whatever. We sorted through all of that stuff so that you don’t have to! As you’d imagine, BR was lethal with their “BR Picks” label to exclude their most in-demand items. But hey, we’re up for a challenge, that’s part of the fun!


Banana Republic Jeans and Jacket

There are lots of Jeans and Jackets available with this sale, but these two caught our eye. I love BR jeans they are really high quality but this pair is on 1 month backorder and I’m not sure I can wait that long. BR’s jackets tend to fall mostly in the too-formal spectrum for me, but the quilted four-pocket coat is a great twist on the ubiquitous field jacket.


Banana Republic Shirt

So many shirts and sweaters to choose from. All of the regular slim-fit shirts that are red-ish are considered to be BR-Picks, but the Buffalo Check Flannel in dark olive pictured above is about as close as BR gets to a black watch (though you could up an L.L. bean black watch flannel for around $40, if that’s what you’re going for). As always, BR’s Merino Wool sweaters may not be cashmere but they are very comfortable and durable. They’re light enough to make for easy layering, without being so thin that you can see every crease in the shirt underneath.


Banana Republic Slim-Fit Non-Iron Shirts

Anyone that’s worked with me in an office in the past knows that I mostly wear BR’s button-downs, which are also included in this sale. They fit great, and last for years of daily wear. Even the cuffs hold up from the wear and tear of rubbing them on the desk while I’m typing/mousing all day. I can’t say more than that, because I’ve already put my money where my mouth is.

We just covered a few picks we had from the Banana Republic part of this sale. be sure to stroll on over to the Gap and Old Navy sites to browse their goods. Remember to use the code HOLIDAY for 40% off of their regularly priced goods if you find anything that you love. Remember that there are exclusions aplenty!

>> Check out the rest from Banana Republic

>> Check out GAP and Old Navy (Old Navy is running a 60% off site-wide Veteran’s Day event, and the HOLIDAY code stacks with that sale)


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