Stock Up On Uniqlo OCBDs And Hoodies

November 11, 2015 | by Paul

It’s Veteran’s Day and you should have a happy one and remember those that served. And if you have off? Well, I hope you enjoy your double-Friday work week.

But you also might want to buy some shirts. We are pro-shirt, cotton supporters, every day.

UNIQLO has been getting a fair amount of play on the site lately. Possibly because I kinda love them. Went to the Chicago location and learned the “proper” pronunciation recently. I always figured because it’s a derivative of “Unique Clothing Warehouse,” it’d be pronounced “UNIQUE-lo.” I was wrong. It’s “UNI-clo” — more like uniform. Thanks, voice from above!

Anyway, today’s deals made be consider buying one of each of these items in every color available in my size. I didn’t … yet. Will you?

Men’s Slim Fit OCBD, $20 (was $30)

I have one. I want many. The fit is spot-on and I’d wear one of these every day if I had one to wear every day. Don’t know your UNIQLO size? Check the size chart — it’ll point you in the right direction.


Men’s Lightweight, Full-Zip Hoodie, $15 (was $30)

And I’m a fan of the hoodie+button-down look of the professional nerd.


Free shipping starts at $50, but that won’t be a problem if it’s splurge time.

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