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Friday Reading List: Big comfy jeans, fitness as fashion, and the existence of software engineers

November 13, 2015 | by Josh

Our weekly reading list a curated group of articles and media that we found compelling enough to share. Some of it may be timely, some of it may be from the archives, but we hope that it will be compelling enough to give you a something to talk around the water cooler, and maybe laugh a little along the way. 

Counting down the days for when comfort is fashionable again
There’s a mysterious new car manufacturer operating in California that has top designers and engineers from Tesla, Ferrari, and SpaceX… and they won’t disclose who their CEO is
Old habits don’t always die hard

The Apple Pencil may be really cool, but they need to rethink the design on how to charge the thing. Jobs would be furious.

Charging the iPad Pro Pencil

That new iPad Pro looks slick, but do you need one? (expecially since the cheap one is $800)
Do you ever find yourself laughing along at a joke you don’t understand so that other people don’t think you’re a n00b?

git xkcd

Calling Software Developers, “Software Engineers,” is a sticking point for some. There should be a distinction
You can’t control if you received a genetic gift at birth for handsomeness, but you can take the focus away from your face and onto your sweet guns


Can’t get enough of lists? Or of reading? Check out last week’s episode! Have a great weekend!

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