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Friday Reading List: Uppers+downers, how dress shoes are made, and Linux security concerns

November 20, 2015 | by Josh
Our weekly reading list a curated group of articles and media that we found compelling enough to share. Some of it may be timely, some of it may be from the archives, but we hope that it will be compelling enough to give you a something to talk around the water cooler, and maybe laugh a little along the way. 
Part One: Linus Torvalds, his dissenters, and a little bit about Linux security  (less than the title would lead you to believe)
Part Two: A defense of Linus, and how he’s doing a good job balancing security with other concerns (and why that has pissed off some security experts)
I’ll take some uppers with my downers please
Could FM be a solution to Wi-Fi channel saturation?
Of course the flight attendants would be SMEs for this strategic discussion…but they missed the classic steps, “1. Be handsome 2. Be attractive, 2. Don’t be unattractive”
StyleGirlfriend has a future doing guy’s fashion How It’s Made shorts! “How It’s Made: Allen Edmonds Shoes”
[NSFW-ish] And for good measure, the source of “1. Be handsome 2. Be attractive, 2. Don’t be unattractive” SNL skit


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