Today Only: J.Crew Factory & Barneys Warehouse 50% off Sales

November 19, 2015 | by Josh

J.Crew Factory is running a 50% off of everything sale for today (November 19th) only. Use the code GETGIFTING for free shipping.

Barneys Warehouse is running a site-wide 50% off of Clearance and 40% off of everything else sale. The sale is subject to end without notice.

They both have great deals, but at different price points. Let’s do a little comparison work so you can see for yourself if it’s worth it to spring for the designer brands that you’ve been keeping your eye on, or if you’d rather go with the staples. We threw some Uniqlo options, too, to round out the comparisons.

Slim Jeans

J.Crew Factory vs Nudie

From left to right:

The Sutton jean vs the Sutton in Selvedge are both dark rinse low rise 100% cotton jeans, but the Selvedge has a slightly smaller leg opening than the regular Sutton jean. The Nudie is a stretch denim that has a normal rise, tapering down through the leg. The Sutton jeans are “imported” whereas the Nudie is “Made in Italy.” This is a solid price to pick up some Nudie jeans if you’re into high quality denim and the detailing that comes with higher-end jeans. If you don’t care, then $49 for the higher quality details that selvedge jeans offer would be your best bet.

Merino Wool Sweaters

J.Crew Factory Piattelli Uniqlo

From left to right:

Quality-wise we’re looking at Piattelli -> J.Crew Factory -> Uniqlo, but the fall-off in quality isn’t that great between J.Crew Factory and Uniqlo. If you’re just picking up one sweater, then the Piattelli is going to become a good friend of yours over the years (and they’re available in a number of colors/styles, though at varying prices). The price difference between the J.Crew Factory and Uniqlo sweaters is small enough that I’d be picking based on the slimmer fit of the J.Crew Factory sweater. If you are interested in a looser fit, though, Uniqlo has a much larger color selection. Much bolder too. Both the J.Crew and Uniqlo sweaters are at a low enough price that you have an opportunity to step your sweater game up for this winter season and have more sweater colors, meaning more outfits, for not a ton of money.

Flannel Shirts

Burkman Bros jcrew factory uniqlo

From left to right:

The Burkman Bros shirt is all about the details, which is usually the name of the game once you get into that price-range of shirt. Button-down collar, red stitching on the pockets, that little arrow nearing the bottom of your buttons showing you where your pants should be. They put time and effort into making sure this shirt was interesting. The J.Crew Factory shirt is a slim fit, without a button-down collar and definitely a more casual fabric. The Uniqlo shirt is just like the rest of their clothes: well made basics. Uniqlo has a number of styles available, but quite a few are low stock.

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