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Four (Tech) Things to Be Thankful For

November 24, 2015 | by Paul

Thanksgiving is Thursday and we all have a lot of things to be thankful for. Me? I’ve got a list.

Pebble Time Smartwatch, $130 (was $200)

Yeah, an Android watch does more. Yes, the Apple Watch has better specs. But this thing lasts days and is now $130. We are fans of Pebble watches and you will be too after you use one. And if you need to check the game or read a text during the big meal, a smartwatch gives you a much more socially-acceptable way to glance at information.


Toshiba Chromebook 2, $270 (was $300)

This is the Chromebook that unleashed IPS displays to the masses. And if you want to lend it to your Aunt Cheryl so she can “email” — click it over to Guest mode and let her do her worst. You’re not going not going to get a virus from her overly-trusting clicks. This is the perfect computer to share.


Protocol Mini Drone, $40

Want to be the coolest uncle? Bust out one of these for the nieces and nephews to buzz around the yard. Set up an obstacle course and have one of them time while the others race, then switch up jobs each round to keep everyone busy.


Microsoft, $0.10 movie rentals

Microsoft is cool again, and to show you how cool they are, they’ve priced a bunch of movies at $0.10 so that you can catch up on Hollywood if you’re not heading home. I think you need Windows 10 to get the deal though, so get your upgrade going. And it’s not shitty movies either. You can get Trainwreck or Mad Max: Fury Road.


Wondering how to get your movies on your TV? We got you covered.

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