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Reading List: Turkey Day Edition ft. Li-Fi, Cyberplants, Imaginary Time, & the no-so-soothing Jazz of H. Jon Benjamin

November 25, 2015 | by Josh

Whether you are searching for something interesting to stimulate a conversation with your family members, or if you’re trying to avoid eye-contact because your cousin is making things weird again, we have an answer for you. Our weekly reading list a curated group of articles and media that we found compelling enough to share. Some of it may be timely, some of it may be from the archives, but we hope that it will be compelling enough to give you a something to talk around the dinner table, and maybe laugh a little along the way. 


Already being implemented in hospitals in France: Data transmitted via visible light could turn every lightbulb into a hotspot
A brief, and funny, lecture on how time is both finite and boundless at the same time
How a Kickstarter project that raised $3.4MM and seemingly had a working prototype only shipped 4% of units before going bankrupt
If a fanboy ends a review stating that they are very hopeful for the future of a product, that means that it really stinks right now. Right?
It may just change backgrounds and icons, but my desire to balance the force was real and compelling
How white-supremacist subliminal messaging showed up in a Psychologists custom program, and the story behind fixing it
If you have a TV in your bedroom and you can’t fall asleep. And you refuse to move the TV out of the bedroom. And you refuse to turn the TV off at night. You can pay money to automate a potential solution to that “problem.”
Using electric current to change the colors of the foliage in a rose is the first step towards cyberplants (and global domination)
H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Sterling Malory Archer) who is not a musician, and hates jazz, made a jazz album (and if you clicked the Google Star Wars link above, your Youtube progress bar will be a lightsaber!)

I love sleep too much to ever have any of these problems, and there are quite a few.
It’s like Uber, but for making love. And they don’t pick you up at your house. And you probably have to be good looking.
Assuming that the NSA is as incompetent as the parts of the government that I’ve interacted with, this shouldn’t really be a problem. But what if it is?
And finally, we hope you’re enjoying No-Shave November so far. Just remember that some of you (like myself) should abort your no-shave attempt. There’s no shame in it (unless you keep your “beard”)

no shave november


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