Do I Need Another Laptop? Yes.

November 29, 2015 | by Paul

I don’t know why I looked at today. I shouldn’t have. Just should have popped over to Facebook and checked out some baby pictures. But … dammit.

I don’t need another laptop. I’m typing on a laptop right now. I have another hooked to the TV and another ~30 feet away — three fully-functional laptops. I have two more dead-ish ones waiting for me to either eBay or recycle and my wife has hers too.

But … $200? For a quad-core ThinkPad with a 120GB SSD, 4GB of RAM, and Windows 10 Pro? Windows 10 Pro is $200 straight-up. And this fucker is $200 all-in.

Damn you, Woot! Now I want this laptop. I could retire a few and consolidate — that’d make it OK, right?

What to do, what to do?

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