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“The Hump” vs The Rest: An iPhone Extended Battery Throwdown

December 10, 2015 | by Josh

We’ll sort through the drama and get to what’s really important: You need an extended battery pack for your iPhone and you’d like the one that works the best with the least amount of hassle.

The past day or two has had it’s fair share of Apple hate over their Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case. It’s seen as another in a series of design mistakes by the company that was once well known for their drive to make user experience and industrial design paramount over all else. Apple was the champion of form and function.

The Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case has a hump (as you can see below). Tim Cook argues that it definitely isn’t a hump.

“You know, I probably wouldn’t call it ‘the hump’,” – Tim Cook

So, now it’s called “The Hump.” GG Tim.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case


Honestly, the WSJ (in the video below) did an excellent job reviewing the new iPhone Smart Battery Case without spending too much time harping on The Hump. At the 0:34 mark you can see two things. First a Mophie case being put on, it’s the two piece black plastic case that snaps together (the same way the Anker case does). Immediately afterwards you can see an iPhone donning the new iPhone Smart Battery Case, and here you can see the reason for The Hump. It’s a design decision to allow the top of the silicone case to bend backwards. That allows your iPhone to slip into the case and fit snugly without the case needing to be two parts. The Hump makes sense for function (though not a lot of sense for form).

Brass-tacks time. Which iPhone extended battery case is right for you?

Battery Capacity: The Hump has 70% of the battery capacity of the Mophie. The Mophie has 95% of the capacity of the Anker

The Mophie has 2,750 mAh of battery life and the Anker has 2,850 mAh. The Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case has 1,877mAh according to this engadget article. That means that the Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case only has 70% of the battery capacity of the Mophie, and even less than the Anker. We’re talking over 8 hours of web surfing, so it’s not small peas.

For the record, they both pale in comparison to the best 10,000 mAh chargers on the market, but a phone case is much smaller than a battery pack.

Connecting Cable: The iPhone Smart Battery Case supports Lightning, the Mophie & Anker support Micro USB

This one is up to personal preference. Do you have a bunch of lightning chargers around your home or office? Then the case with The Hump is right for you. Would you like to make the transition to the more ubiquitous Micro USB and break away from buying those overpriced Apple cables? Then Mophie & Anker win this one (or get your Lightning cables from Monoprice like I do, they’re cheap and high-quality).

Looks: A brick, or The Hump?

Personal preference on this one. Would you rather turn your sleek piece of industrial design into a black brick? Or deal with “The Hump” conversations for the next few weeks/months/years?

Bulk: The Hump wins

Apple hasn’t released specs on the size of their case yet. Once we find one to measure, we’ll get that updated. It’s clearly sleeker and lighter than the Anker and Mophie, though. Batteries are heavy and the Apple offering has a small battery.

  • Anker: 6 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches; 3 ounces
  • Mophie: 6.1 x 2.92 x 0.61 inches, 3.52 ounces

Price: Anker

The Anker is $40. No joke. The Hump and the Mophie both clock in at $99.


If you want big battery life at a low price and don’t mind a little bulk + Micro USB, then the Anker is the clear winner.

If you want to keep your iPhone 6/6s sleek and light then The Hump is the way to go. The software integration for battery life is the icing on the cake. Apple may not have knocked this one out of the park, but they are beating the competition in the same way Apple usually does.


iPhone Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 & 6s, $99

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Sleek

Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 6 & 6s, $99

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6 6s, $40

Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case

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