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Gift Yo’ Self: Pebble Time For 35% Off

December 15, 2015 | by Paul

I’ve been eyeballing the Pebble Time since it came out. We like Pebble here. If you want a notifications on your wrist, it’s tough to beat the Pebble. The options from Apple and Google are both just … too much. Those smartwatches are almost too smart for their own good. They’re annoying smart.

“I know the weather. It’s going to rain.”

“You should leave for your appointment now or you’ll be late.”

“Here, I already wrote up some replies to this SMS. Pick one, human.”

“Oh, did you just say OK, Google? No. Fine.”

And now the Pebble Time Steel has dropped in price to $200. But the deal is the plastic one — it’s $70 cheaper.

Here’s the thing too: the regular Pebble Time is better looking. Why? The plastic shell — see how it covers some of the bezel and makes it more attractive? Yeah, the metal is “better” but the narrow rim makes the screen look like a kid in a too-big dad shirt. If the metal wrapped like the plastic, it’d be a no-brainer, get the Steel. But it doesn’t. So it comes to factor number two.


The battery life on the Pebble Time Steel is ~50% better. But the regular Pebble Time should last 5-7 days. In smartwatch time, that’s years. If you’re like me, you’re not going to want to leave home with a watch at 30% charge. That’s probably enough time to go all day for each, but that seems like something that’ll bother me. What I’m saying is, I’ll probably not explore the range of the Steel.

But what I’m really saying is I want to jump on this Pebble Time deal. You?

Buy a Pebble Time for $130 >>

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