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Why I Finally Bought A Playstation 4, and You Should Too

December 16, 2015 | by Josh

To get right to the heart of the “Buy A Playstation 4” argument, the big bundles are finally down to the $299 price point.  Specifically the Nathan Drake Bundle (the one I picked up) and the Star Wars Battlefront Bundle, both brought down to $299 for the holiday season.

Xbox One bundles have been $299 for a while now. It tells you something that Microsoft’s only real console competitor, Sony, hadn’t dropped their prices until now. Sony is wiping the floor with Microsoft in this current console generation. Nintendo isn’t even in the picture (and this is coming from a proud Wii U owner).

You might wonder why we’re not talking about the unbundled consoles? That’s because the unbundled 500GB Playstation 4s are just as expensive as the bundled versions! That’s right, you might as well take a free game!


Here’s the list of reasons why the time was right for me (and it’s right for you too) to buy a PS4!

  1. The next generation PS4 isn’t releasing until 2018 (according to current estimates). That historically has meant the holiday season, which means we have 3 years left of these current-gen consoles.
  2. $299 is historically the lowest price drop while they’re still current generation consoles.
  3. The list of PS4 games is massive (848, currently). That is nearly double (!!!) the number of games available for the Xbox One.
  4. The number of PS4 users is massive, which means that online play is never a wasteland. There has to be a Fallout 4 joke in there somewhere.
  5. When there are cross platform games, the PS4 has the best graphics* every time. *We are not counting the PC as a console platform. We are not trying to anger the master race.
  6. The pure number number of killer games

Regarding number 6: The number of killer games is the only reason I ever buy consoles. Games like Fallout 4, Destiny: The Taken King (only $32 right now), and Rocket League are crazy popular. I’ve even really been enjoying playing Borderlands: The Handsome Collection with my brother. That’s not even mentioning The Last of Us Remastered, the upcoming Gran Tourismo 7 and Little Big Planet 3, the type of console-defining exclusives that make it hard for a gamer not to at least put the Playstation 4 through its paces.

Which bundle should you get?

  • The Nathan Drake Collection is a highly rated series. I’m in the minority though. If you played the games on Playstation 3 then you do not need to play this ported version.
  • Star Wars Battlefront came out to a lot of positive press from their initial beta. People were having a blast. The reviews are pretty meh though, mostly because FPS buffs are disillusioned due to the lack of weapon options. The game comes free with the console, but beware that EA will charge you for a Season Pass to play online and for DLC much like they do with Battlefield.

My decision: I chose the Nathan Drake Collection because of the amount of love from fans and critics. I don’t love it so far… so if I had to make the choice today, I’d snap up the Last Of Us Remastered Bundle that is strangely only available at Target at the $299 price! Surprise winner!

Here are links to a few shops that have three things:

  1. They constantly keep the consoles in stock
  2. They regularly have sales
  3. You might end up with a gift card to one or more! Thanks lazy X-Mas gift givers!

Playstation 4 500GB: Uncharted – The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle, $299

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection

Playstation 4 500GB: Star Wars Battlefront Bundle, $299

Star Wars Battlefront

Bonus: Playstation 4 500GB Last Of Us Remastered Bundle, $299

For no apparent reason, Target is the only place where you can get a Last Of Us Remastered bundle for the same price as the others. This would be my choice as long as this deal holds.

The Last Of Us Remastered

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