Last Minute Xmas Gifts: Free “Amazon Prime Now” 2-Hour Delivery Until Midnight on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2015 | by Josh

Amazon is bailing you out this year if you’re located in an Amazon Prime Now delivery area.

Check here to see if you live in a Prime Now area

  1. You have to be an Amazon Prime member
  2. You have to live in a Prime Now area
  3. You get free 2-hour delivery until Midnight
  4. Your dad won’t be furious with you that you forgot to get your mom something nice for Christmas


Use these two codes at checkout:



You just saved 10% off of your order (assuming that this is your first time using Amazon Prime Now), AND you just got yourself some free cookies too. That’s right, Amazon has a code to give you free cookies. It’s a Christmas miracle!

And the crappy part

You can only shop Prime Now through their app, available on the Amazon Prime Now landing page for iOS & Android products.

That means that all of the shopping I’ve done on my computer is useless, and that there’s no way for us to get affiliate fees from anything you buy there.

Ahh well, consider this to be a Christmas gift from us here at HC to you!


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