Time To Celebrate ‘Merica With A Drone

July 3, 2015 | by Paul

Well, it’s almost the 4th. Nothing’s more fun that lighting off some fireworks. Well … drones are fun. Maybe set the ol’ drone up with some firepower. (Don’t actually do that.) Or maybe fly that there freedom quad into that greatest of all displays, the grand finale fireworks. (Don’t do that either.)

At the very least, read this first:

As Independence Day approaches, enterprising drone pilots will be hitting the skies to get the best footage of the colorful festivities. Last July 4, Jos Stiglingh stunned the Internet with a drone-shot video of what it looks like inside of a ring of fireworks—but such stunts will likely be more difficult to pull off this year. All of Washington D.C. has been declared a “no drone zone” by the FAA and some police departments around the country are outlawing them as well. Keep reading on>>

Whatever you do, do it with ‘Merica!

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