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Tech Deals Tuesday, Featuring the Dual-Core Radeon R9 390

January 5, 2016 | by Josh

Now that the Holidays are over, we’re back to our regularly-scheduled program. Bringing you a handful of the best technology deals out there every week. Laptops. Tablets. Graphics cards. Hard drives. Large and small, we’ve done the work so that you can keep your tech up-to-date.

PowerColor Dual Core Radeon R9 390 16GBD GDDR5 Video Card, $499+Free Shipping (after $100 rebate card, was $99) 

You might be saying, “WTF, how is this a deal?” Look closely. This card is dual core, meaning that there are two (2) Radeon R9 390 chips on this bad-boy. Additionally it’s a 16GB video card. The first I’ve ever seen. It’s the first I’ve ever seen because 16GB of memory isn’t even an addressable amount of memory until DX12 is released! This has been described as two cards pre-Crossfired, but it’s more than that. This is what Crossfire will be turning into. You’re buying the future (and hoping that it’s as sweet as we think it will be once DX12 is released).

Also, it comes free with a Razr Ouroboros which is a fantastic $100, 8200dpi laser gaming mouse.

This card has an impressive cooling apparatus, but it does take up 3 PCI bays. Make sure you have the space before taking the plunge!

Powercolor Devil 13


Sennheiser HD 558 Around Ear Headphone, $79.95 (was $180)

Rated one of the top headphones over at Head-Fi (headphone geeks), this is a great set of headphones to pick up for the price. They are comfortable enough to wear through a whole workday or a long gaming session. The biggest plus/minus is that they’re open-back. That means two things: You can still hear your wife/coworker ask a question (plus or a minus? up to you!), and the people around you will be able to hear your music a little bit too. I prefer the open-ear headphones because I like having breathability. There’s nothing worse than ear sweat!

Sennheiser 558

100 Pack of Velcro Cable Ties, $5 (was $12.50)

It may not be the sexiest thing we’ll write about this year, but cable-management at home and at work is a noble resolution for this New Year.

This cable-management 100 pack is an add-on item, so toss it in your Amazon cart and check out with it next time you buy something over $25. Then you can become the velcro-tie fairy that we all knew you could be!

Velcro tie

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