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Tech Deals Tuesday: Moto G Smartphone for $99 and More

January 19, 2016 | by Paul

Yeah, we all like flagship phones. They have the best screens and best specs. They’re fast and awesome and slick and pretty. And then we drop them.

We shatter their pretty, beautiful, Gorilla Glass screens.

Or we dunk them in water and fry their insides.

Or we lose them — doomed to spend eternity between two cab cushions circling the city.

So maybe we should buy good-enough phones. Phones that do everything we need them to. Phones that don’t cost $650, they cost $150, or maybe $99. Phones we can replace.

The Moto G is that phone — it does everything good enough or better. Google Maps? No problem. Instagram? 13MP camera, son! Water resistant? Yep, that too.

And it’s under a hundo today.

Motorola MOTO G (3rd Generation), $99.99 (Free Shipping)


The compromise? Virgin Mobile is not one of our three favorite networks. Why? Well, they recently revamped their plans to include unlimited talk while cutting their data allowance. Their $35/month plan now includes just 1GB of dataa similar plan on Cricket includes 2.5GB. Might not be a big deal, but it’s worth knowing.

The phone is definitely still worth considering.

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    Tech Deals Tuesday: Moto G Smartphone for $99 and More

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