Tech Tuesday: The Cheapest Laptop With an IPS Screen is Now $130

February 23, 2016 | by Paul

Want a fancy IPS screen on your laptop. Well get ready to shell out the big bucks. Yep … one hundred thirty of them.

Like 130 ten dollar bills, right?

No … 130 single dollar bills.

But I was going to use those at the strip club!

Sorry, you can use your credit card. But you can’t use UPS. This deal is available in-store only.

Acer 11.6″ Chromebook 11 Model CB3-131-C3KD, $130 (was $180)


Now, don’t forget this thing is $130. Did I mention it was only $130?


Ah, right. Well don’t expect crazy specs. You get an IPS screen.

You mentioned that too.

Right, right. IPS screen … 2GB of RAM. 16GB hard drive. Intel Celeron N2840 … that’s like the best Celeron.

The best … Celeron? 

Look, it’s a Chromebook, you don’t need an i7!

Ok, ok. I’ll buy one. 

Then click here.

More deals worth a look:

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