Baywood Tortoise Hybrid

Baywood Hybrid Tortoise Sunglasses Review

March 2, 2016 | by Josh

The Baywood Hybrid Tortoise are the best sunglasses I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. I’ve had them for 7 months now, and it’s been a busy 7 months, so here’s my review.

I’m listening to the waves crash ashore in Mexico right now. I’ve had a few cervezas and I plan to have a few more, so lets get to the point here.  These sunglasses are tortoise frames with bamboo arms with Baywood etched into one arm and an anchor etched into the other. They’re sharp and preppy.

Baywood Tortoise Hybrid etched arm

Durability/Quality 10/10

I was concerned about the construction for no other reason than I had never purchased from the Baywood company before. I was pleasntly surprsied how well constructed these sunglasses are. These sunglasses have made it through trips to Vietnam and Mexico now with plenty of daily wear in between.  The lenses haven’t scratched even though they’ve dropped in the sand, and they have held up through being roughly packed and worn through a number of situations.

Sun Protection 10/10

I have very light blue eyes — I’ve had my eyes sunburned through normal pairs of sunglasses before. Polarization is a must. These glasses have kept my eyes safe all week with the sun beating down on me.

Comfort & Fit 10/10

They don’t fall off easily like my old Oakleys did.  I have a pretty big dome, and these glasses are tight but not-too-tight, comfortable without me having to worry about losing them on a scooter ride on the back roads of Vietnam.

Compliments 10/10

No joke, the wood + tortoise gets a lot of compliments. It’s nice to have an accessory like your sunglasses noticed.

Baywood Hybrid Tortoise etched arm anchor

Price 10/10

Pricier than gas station sunglasses, sure. But at $45, the quality of construction is there, and I’d put these in the same league as my Ray Bans or Oakleys, but for half / one-third the price.

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