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Tech Tuesday: Google Nexus 5x 16GB Smartphone for $199, 32GB for $249

March 8, 2016 | by Josh

Big changes to Google Fi, and it comes with another deep discount on their Nexus 5x phones!

How big is this discount? $150 cheaper. No kidding, every other reputable (non ebay small-timer) seller has the 5x 16GB for $350, and the 32GB for $399. This is yuuge!

Also, if you’d like the phone without the service, keep reading.

The Backstory

A month back you may have read our article on how to save money on your cellphone plan.

If you read it, you may have gotten to the part about this Google Fi service that you have to apply for and patiently await an invite. Here’s the bit in case you missed it:

[Google’s] service includes actual service in a bunch of other countries and bundles Sprint and T-Mobile into one uber network. This is a great globe-trekker plan. Google Fi also routes calls and texts over WiFi — but you get the cool Google “Messenger” app instead of Republic’s less-cool “Messaging” app. Totally different. Bad news is that it’s invite-only. And it only works on Nexus phones (but you can get this one for only $250 today).

Google Fi isn’t invite only anymore!

If you haven’t already received an invite from Google Fi, you can register without having to go through an application process.

What if I was already invited but haven’t signed up yet?

This is the boat I’m in, waiting on my current provider’s service to expire. I just confirmed that you still get the discounts on the devices!

Nexus 5x

The Catch (The Opportunity?)

No catch. In fact, we’re so far beyond having catches with Google Fi that it looks like you can get a deeply discounted ($150 off) cellphone by registering for Google Fi’s service and then cancelling. We haven’t tried this, so exploit the intent of this deal at your own risk!

Here’s the Google Fi cancellation policy. They won’t even charge you for a full month of service if you cancel mid-month:

Google Fi cancellation

You’ll receive a billing statement at the end of your final billing cycle. You won’t see any charges under “Next month’s charges” for your monthly data budget. If you canceled your service in the middle of a billing cycle, you’ll get a credit for Fi basics for any days remaining in the cycle.

The Suggestion

The Nexus 5x is a decent phone being offered at a great price. Google Fi is supposed to be a great service, and it’s telling about how well they’re doing that they’re expanding to all customers instead of keeping this a closed beta. If you were waiting to pull the trigger then now is the time!

> Get Google Fi + your discounted Nexus 5x


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