Google Chromecast Audio [Review Round-Up and Reminder]

March 10, 2016 | by Paul

The Google Chromecast Audio is a gizmo a lot of people like. Not everybody though.

Like this guy. I’m sticking to Bluetooth.

So you can win the Chromecast Audio I bought by subscribing to our emails. More on the contest here. But what do other reviewers say? They say this:

If you have a good set of speakers and want to stream music to them, the Chromecast Audio is a simple and inexpensive way to make them work with almost all of the the top music services. The combinationof a great price point, wide compatibility and dead-simple setup makes it easyto recommend. — Engadget Review

Of all the similar audio-only devices we’ve tested under $100, Google’s is definitely the easiest to set up. Not every app is supported right now, but more are coming soon. Sonic performance is much better than that of Bluetooth devices, and it sounds great paired with both budget systems and, with the provision of an optical output, even high-end hi-fis. In short, the Chromecast Audio is the new audio wireless streamer to beat. — CNET Review

The Chromecast Audio takes everything that makes the Chromecast handy, strips away video, and makes it possible to connect nearly any speaker to your Wi-Fi network for wireless music streaming. — PC Mag Review

Setting up is a breeze. You use the excellent Chromecast app to speak to the Chromecast Audio, then tell it to log into your home’s wi-fi. The most complicated thing here is deciding on what to name your new toy. We settled on ‘Tiny Dancer’. — What HiFi Review

With the multi-room facility now plumbed in via an automatic update – this lets you group Chromecast Audio devices together so you can play the same song in many rooms at once – Google’s device is the perfect party streamer as well … — Alphr Review

Unsurprisingly, the experience is a little more flexible for Android users than their iPhone counterparts. An Android phone will effectively let you funnel any sound through Chromecast Audio: if the app doesn’t natively support it, there’s an option to pipe all the phone’s sounds through the dongle. — SlashGear Review


Which makes me feel all:

Seriously, win this thing. You might like it. Everybody else seems to.


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