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Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers: March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 | by Josh

Whether you’re working at a start-up, or working at a company that really wants people to think that they’re as cool as a startup, wearing your hoodie/jeans/sneaks is part of the uniform. Do it wrong, and you look like you’re still living with mom. Do it right, and you look like a million bucks (in unvested stock options). Here are three items — a hoodie, some jeans, and a pair of sneakers — that are on sale for a great price and worth a look this week.

The Hoodie: The North Face Surgent Half Dome Full Zip Hoodie, $44.99 (was $64.95)

I love me some mock neck hoodies. This fleece option from The North Face is comfy and available in 3 colorways. It has thumbholes for comfort (and to make sure your sleeves don’t blow away) and a little bit of stretch for comfort.

The North Face Surgent Half Dome Full Zip Hoodie

The Jeans: H&M Jeans, as low as $14.99

Your suspicions are confirmed: H&M Jeans aren’t great, they’re a step below Levi’s. BUT: $14-$20 jeans just isn’t a thing for other brands. H&M has a plethora of jeans on sale right now at that pricepoint, so if you were thinking about trying out a new wash or fit this spring it would make a ton of sense to buy a pair of H&M jeans that will last you 1+ years before pulling the trigger on something that will last you 5+ years. Pictured below are their Slim Regular Selvedge jeans, sneakily priced at $29 (what a travesty!).

H&M Slim Regular Selvedge Jeans

The Sneakers: Adidas Samoa, $54.98 (was $69.99)

With spring comes white sneakers. I can never keep my white sneaks clean in the city, so I need a little bit of color to draw attention away from the smudges. They’re full grain leather (for easy cleanup) with a suede overlay on the toebox. They even spent time making sure the sole of this shoe was dope. This throwback sneaker has more attention to detail than you’d expect on such a simple shoe.

Adidas Samoa


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