Tech Tuesday: Save $300 on an Apple MacBook

March 15, 2016 | by Paul

Remember a year ago? They announced the new MacBook __ — nothing after that. Just “MacBook” — remember that?

And you were like: What’s it called?

Your friends were like: Just MacBook. That’s the name.

Yeah, so not “Air” or “Pro” or whatever. Just MacBook. Simple

Almost as simple as having a single port.

Right — these have only that one USB-C port.

Because convenience.

Why not a Lighting port? I have a ton of those cables sitting around.

Shut your month.

Best Buy has these marked down $300 in anticipation of the new model coming out next month or so. Check out the deal:

Apple MacBook, $999 (was $1,300)


This is the cheaper option, the one with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. More options here.


Let’s be honest, if you want some serious horsepower, that’s not the computer for you. It’s time to build your own. And you might as well start with this bad-ass-on-a-budget motherboard combo from NewEgg.

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