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Festively Green Gap Khakis for $35

March 17, 2016 | by Josh

St Patrick’s Day is upon us.

You thought St. Pats must have been last weekend when your city was partying, parades were disrupting traffic, and the rivers flowed green! Nope. Today is the big day, and you’re faced with an age-old question:

Would you rather dress like a festive douche, or have nice pants?

We’ll leave that choice up to you. Choose wisely. $7 is at stake.

Gap “Mineral Green” Vintage Washed Slim Fit Khakis, $36+S&H (was $60)

Use the code GOGREEN to take 40% off of your entire purchase.

Picking up 2 pairs of these would be less money than snapping up the not-so-green Bonobos chinos in ‘mojito’. Only you and your loved ones would ever know the difference.

Gap vintage slim fit khakis


J.Crew Essential Chino in 484 Fit, $42 (was $60)

Use code SPRINGSALE for 30% off of these pants. That will also get you 25% off of the spring collection & 50% off of final sale items. It’s a pretty good sale, imo.

For $7 more than the Gap choice above you can get a significantly higher quality pair of pants. No they aren’t green. No they aren’t as slim fitting. These are the pants if you’re concerned about your elders having respect for you. No, you won’t look “dope” but you will have a nice pair of khakis that will last you for years. When you first put them on you’ll immediately be 30% more responsible than you had been before.

JCrew Essential Chino in 484 fit


Shout out to J.Crew for taking the worst product picture of all time. Nothing like flattening a pair of khaki colored khakis on an off-white background. Great job.

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