Google Cardboard [Review]

September 5, 2017 | by Paul

Google Cardboard seemed to start out as a joke.

Oh, Facebook, you’re going to buy Oculus for $2 billion? Well, we can do virtual reality with a piece of cardboard. We’re going to give it away for free.

And we all laughed and played a bit and moved on. And Cardboard sort of stayed a joke (like this from a few days ago) and sort of moved on too. It got a bit better. The viewers got a bit less flimsy. And PornHub joined the party.

To me, though, it still feels under-the-radar and it shouldn’t be. Google Cardboard is amazing and you should absolutely get a viewer and play with it. Here’s why:

It makes travel photos amazing.

We were in Death Valley a few weeks ago and I grabbed some photos using the Google Cardboard Camera app — 360 degree beasts that take in the entire, gigantic valley. When people want to see why we like Death Valley, I fire up the app and plop my phone in my viewer and let them look. Then they get it. Instagram only shows so much. Being able to spin and take it all in is amazing.

Meh, Instagram. Not the same.

Meh, Instagram. Not the same.

It’s cheap.

My slick, plastic viewer, the Mattel View-Master, was only $20.

It’s fun.

There are roller-coaster apps and spaceship-blasting apps and other games that are a bunch of fun. Just keep the area clear where you’re spinning — you could destroy some glassware too.

My grandma touring Death Valley, blasting spaceships.

My grandma touring Death Valley, blasting spaceships.

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    Google Cardboard [Review]

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