Tech Tuesday: Prepare to Want a Microsoft Surface Pro 4

April 12, 2016 | by Paul

When the Surface first came out, I wasn’t entirely on board. I mean, it was kinda cool, but I couldn’t see myself buying one. I had a tablet. I had a laptop. Why did I need a Surface?

The Surface Book got my attention. But boy, it’s expensive. Maybe Microsoft is onto something, I thought.

Then the Apple iPad Pro arrived — it amused me to see Apple legitimizing the Surface but I couldn’t see myself buying one of those either. iOS? Nah.

Then this thing pops up, and now I kinda want a Surface. My tablet has aged a bit. My laptop too. I could really replace them … maybe with a single device? And I’ve been using and liking Windows 10 too.

Dammit, Microsoft! At least the name is goofy. This new cover is gorgeous.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover, $160


[The] Signature Type Cover is crafted in a stunning two-tone grey mélange style of Alcantara® – a unique, proprietary material, sourced only in Italy, with aesthetic, sensory, and technical qualities unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

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Need a Surface Pro 4? Click here.

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    Tech Tuesday: Prepare to Want a Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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