Domo Beads Leather Band Bracelet [Review]

April 20, 2016 | by Josh

Bracers are manly. A bracelet is just a small bracer, albeit one that won’t protect your forearms in a sword fight. Therefore bracelets can be manly.

Watches are becoming less common because our cellphones have a clock built in. Watches are status symbols. Not everyone is into status symbols.

Enter the Domo Beads Leather Band Bracelet, regularly priced at $27. A “leather bracelet [that’s] hand-tooled, conditioned, and dyed from top grade leather.” It’s a simple thing, but this accessory stands out in its simplicity.

I love this bracelet. I’ve had it for 6 months now, and I’ve only taken it off when I get in the shower or gone swimming in a pool or the ocean which has resulted in a nice patina on the leather.

Original (spot-on) product image

Domo Beads Leather Band Bracelet

6 month patina (showing the little of the nearly-original coloration by the fastener)

Domo Beads Leather Band Bracelet 6 months

Domo Beads ordering experience

I would order from them again, if you’re looking for me to cut to the chase.

What can I say besides it being pretty easy? It’s a small company, so the ordering process still felt like a small company. Time from order to shipment took a little longer than I’d like, but my delivery arrived eventually. They did a good-to-great job packaging and the product I received was exactly like I ordered.

The Conclusion

It’s aged well because it’s high quality leather and I’ve enjoyed watching the patina develop. Additionally, it’s gotten me a few nice compliments and even a hip coworker of mine went out of his way to buy his own he liked it so much, no joke.

If you’re thinking about a bracelet as a great, simple, alternative to wearing a watch every day then I’d highly recommend this leather band from Domo Beads.


Domo Beads didn’t pay us for this review with money or product. If they had paid us with money or given us free product we would tell you about it and you’d be super jealous.

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