Tech Tuesday: Anova Sous Vide WiFi Precision Cooker

April 26, 2016 | by Paul

If you’re the former CTO of Microsoft and you’re looking for a hobby, what do you do? You cook. You build your own commercial kitchen and buy every piece of equipment known to man. Maybe you write a book about it. And not just any book, a 5-volume, $500 beast of a book.

If you’re not the former CTO of Microsoft and you can’t build a commercial kitchen in your house, and you can’t commit unlimited time to preparing and perfecting dishes, then what? What about the rest of us?

Well, there’s this. Let this extra-wide, stainless steel, dildo-looking thing pop your modernist cuisine cherry.

Anova Bluetooth and WiFi Precision Cooker, $169 (was $199)


My buddy has this gizmo from Anova. He sous-vide’d an elk steak then seared it in a cast iron pan. It was amazing. I immediately wanted one of these cookers.

But $200 is still $200. Here’s another way to rationalize it: it works with your existing pots and pans. Other sous vide cookers are gigantic and expensive because they’re full water baths. Like the size of a cooler. That takes up a lot kitchen space and costs a lot of money. This thing, as previously mentioned, is about the size of a … well, I’m not saying it again. And it’s no longer $200 … it’s $170.

Anyway, I’m getting one at some point. Might be today because that price is great. You can save another $10 with the Bluetooth model. And I love me my Bluetooth.

Just want a Chromebook deal again?


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    Tech Tuesday: Anova Sous Vide WiFi Precision Cooker

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