Tech Tuesday: Get a Microsoft Surface Book for $150 Off

May 3, 2016 | by Paul

Been eyeballing the Microsoft Surface Book since it came out? I have. Our waits have been rewarded.

Microsoft is knocking $150 off the price of their i5 Surface Book models. The one to get is probably the formerly-$1,900 model with the 256GB SSD and the discreet GPU.

It’s just $1,750 today.


Want to pay even less? Skip the dGPU and try the base model. You still get 8GB of RAM, you just get a smaller SSD and the onboard GPU. It’s just $1,350 today. Check them out:

Microsoft Surface Book, i5 models, $1,350-$1,750 (was $1,500-$1,900)


Want to just blow it out at Microsoft? Grab an Xbox One + Kinect Bundle for $400 and save $100. You also get $50 in MicrosoftBucks and a free game.

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    Tech Tuesday: Get a Microsoft Surface Book for $150 Off

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