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Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers: Guy’s Night at the Brewery

August 14, 2017 | by Scott

It’s Saturday morning, and you’re running around doing errands, getting everything done so that you can spend the night catching up with the guys at the newest brewery. You probably don’t want to put on a ton of clothes, so stick to wearing your hoodie/jeans/sneakers uniform since it doesn’t require much effort, and it makes you look put together fast. That’s it! With this hoodie, jeans, and sneakers, you’ll still be the coolest guy wherever you decide to spend your Saturday night.

The Hoodie: Layer Glitch Pullover Hoodie, Indigo, $45

This budget friendly hoodie is perfect for this season and to transition to fall weather. It’s lightweight (made out of cotton) enough to wear on cooler summer days, but you can also layer under a bomber jacket when the weather gets chilly. You can wear a crisp white tee below so that if it gets hot at the bar, you can take this pullover off and still look effortlessly cool.

The Jeans: Edwin ED-85 Slim Tapered Jean, $55 (was $99)

Styling jeans with a chambray hoodie help you create an easy to wear, everyday look so this pair of slim tapered jeans are perfect for the occasion. Pull this look off by wearing your jeans with an indigo hoodie (like the one mentioned above) and finish the look with simple accessories such as a brown watch, hat, and glasses.

The Sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger Liston Sneaker, White, $44.97 (was $80)

Every guy needs a pair of casual sneakers. These are not the type you wear to the gym. You’ll wear these ones for off-duty adventures from dates to concerts to biking around the city or a casual guy’s night out. They go with just about any casual outfit. A pair of crisp white sneakers go great with jeans, trousers and pretty much anything shy of a suit.


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