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3 Ways to Dress Like Keir Gilchrist

August 17, 2017 | by Scott

If you want to look good, it makes sense to replicate the movie stars, who’ve got teams of people telling them what to wear. What can we learn from movie star Keir Gilchrist?

1. Keep it simple.

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Keir Gilchrist is a young actor famous for his roles in It’s Kind of a Funny Story, the new Netflix series Atypical and It Follows. In the latter, he plays a young man in love with a girl, yet whose love will not be satisfied without disastrous consequences. Some critics see it as a parable, warning viewers of the price we pay for getting what we want.

Keir must’ve heeded the warning, because, despite having gotten what he wanted, he tries to keep his feet on the ground. He makes sure not to abandon himself to the lifestyle that so often accompanies fame, lest he pays the price that so many actors pay: i.e. their lives.

While many young actors go crazy, buying exorbitantly-priced suits by famous designers, Keir likes to keep it simple on the red carpet. He wears hoodies, jeans, and sneakers. At the Toronto International Film Festival, he wore a grungy jacket with a plaid inner lining, a buttoned-up navy blue t-shirt with white stripes in the collar, black skinny jeans, and simple black loafers.

2. Roll up your sleeves.

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Keir is often snapped with his sleeves rolled-up. This is a good look, especially if you have short arms that would otherwise be hidden. It’s a good way to switch up from casual outfits to a more preppy style.

3. Use punkish accessories.

attends the Netflix original series ‘Atypical’ special screening on August 7, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

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Keir likes to edge his outfit with punk. He does this by wearing studded leather belts and grungy jackets. At the premiere of his latest TV show Atypical, he wore a dark denim jacket with pictures of the devil stitched onto the space above the top pockets. He also likes to paint his nails black. These touches would be brassy were it not for the simplicity of the rest of his outfit.

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