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README: @Inc on how to lead; @ReformedBroker on #Charlottesville; @Dappered on fall fashion

August 15, 2017 | by Team HC

@Inc has a great article on leadership lessons from a former Navy Seal. I liked #5:

When it comes to performance standards, it’s not what you preach. It’s what you tolerate.

Read 5 Lessons From a Former Navy SEAL That Will Change the Way You View Leadership Forever.


@ReformedBroker took an investment-themed view of the Charlottesville protests and tragedy that’s worth a read:

On Wall Street, we have a term called trend. It’s a description of the direction a particular stock, bond, index or asset class is headed. An up-trend implies a price that is moving higher. A downtrend is a price that is clearly headed lower. The thing is, powerful trends that last a long time are prone to short periods of time during which they appear to reverse themselves.

We call these counter-trends.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be disheartened. This is not the prevailing trend. It’s just a counter-trend. We will win. They will lose. Just like the last time and the time before that. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” An arc is a trendline.

Read Counter-trend.


And on a lighter note, @Dappered is getting jazzed about impending autumn:

… you can keep the Pumpkin Spice everything. It’s the clothing, shoes, and other bits of men’s style that really cement fall as the favorite season here at Dappered.

Read 25 Things to stylistically look forward to about Fall.

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