Gap And Old Navy Jeans On Sale Starting At $16

July 14, 2015 | by Paul

As much as I’ve tried to love Levi’s like Josh, most of my denim is still from GapCo. Here are a few selections worth a look today. Some picks have limited stock, so move quickly.

Old Navy Men’s Straight-Fit Jeans, ~$16 w/ promo code REALDEAL

That’s for the “light authentic” wash. Other washes are a few bucks more — $30 – 35% = ~$19.


Old Navy Men’s Slim-Fit Jeans, ~$18 w/ promo code REALDEAL

For these, the deal is the “light wash hi” option. Note that the promo code gets you 35% off full-priced items and 30% off sale items. Might be worth browsing a bit.


Shop the rest of the Old Navy sale here.

Gap 1969 Straight Fit Jeans (Dark Blue Wash), $42 w/ promo code TREAT

These use premium denim and are currently full-priced, so you don’t get stacked savings. But you do get 30% off, which is pretty great.


Gap 1969 Straight Fit Jeans (Indigo Wash), ~$20 w/ promo code TREAT

These are on sale and get knocked down another 40% with the code. They’re tough to beat.


Gap 1969 Bedford Pants (Slim Fit), ~$23 w/ promo code TREAT

Want something a bit different than the standard pair of jeans? Check these guys out.


Shop the rest of the Gap sale here.

And yes, Banana Republic clothing is on sale too … but the sizes are very scattered. Browse at your own risk.

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