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Hoodies/Jeans/Sneakers: Movie Night

September 11, 2017 | by Scott

The latest scary movie is out, and you want to see it before your friends spoil it for you. Get ready in just minutes with your usual hoodies/jeans/sneakers. Hoodies are perfect for when it starts to get cold in the movie theatre, but also the chilly nights ahead. Whether you’re watching the movie It or the newest summer blockbuster, check out our favorite pieces of the week.

The Hoodie: Jungle Forest Hoodie, $35.99 (was $49.50)

This gray pullover hoodie from Quiksilver is perfect for movie night. It’s easy to style since all you need is a tee and your favorite jeans. It’s currently on sale, and you’ll get free shipping on orders over $29. There’s also a summer sale happening at Quiksilver where you can stock on tees, jackets, and pants up to 30% off.

The Jeans: Tight Skinny Fit Jeans, $53.98 (was $90)

Can’t get more casual than black skinny jeans. This pair from Nordstrom is perfect for a trip to the movies. The jeans are 40% off as part of Nordstrom’s ongoing summer sale

The Sneakers: Vans Old Skool Core Classics, White, $55

Continuing the white sneaker trend from summer to fall, since white sneakers are timeless and can be worn all year round, it doesn’t get much better than that. You don’t need flashy footwear to make a statement, this classic pair from Vans go great with a low-key, casual look. White sneakers are a prime example of what Instagrammers consider effortless.

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