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A Personal Review of the Nintendo Switch

September 20, 2017 | by Scott

The Nintendo Switch is a brand-new games console which has done phenomenally well since its launch, even surpassing Nintendo’s own expectations. Its name covers its purpose really: it is designed to let you switch between handheld gaming and a fancy TV set-up at home with ease.

A generation of gamers grew up with Nintendo’s systems, associating the equipment with high-quality, robust engineering, so seeing this new release was incredibly exciting for so many people: something which has shown in how quickly they sold out at launch, and how well the sales continued after that.

The real question is, however, does the Switch manage to live up to the hype, and can it compete with established consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox? Let’s find out.

Nintendo Switch Pros


When reviewing the Switch, one of the most obvious things to look at is how well it can transition from its portable version to the TV screen, and it performs well. As soon as it’s plugged into a TV, the Switch loads the game up onto the screen, and transitions back just as fast when it’s unplugged. There’s no messing about with compatibility or fiddling with settings.


Regarding the actual game controllers, the Switch again shows off its flexibility, allowing you to separate the ‘Joy-Cons’ from the Switch itself. They can also be snapped onto the Joy-Con holder, which gives you a much more traditional gamepad and a comfortable feel for hours of gaming.


The interface is smooth and easy to navigate, with intuitive options and minimal clutter on the screens, making choosing and booting games a quick and enjoyable experience for all users.

Nintendo Switch Cons


Although the Switch isn’t badly designed, it lacks the customisation options which many gamers have come to expect over the years. Its overall look is plain and quite dull, unlikely to grab your attention or be particularly memorable.


The Switch doesn’t give users their own profiles, but instead uses friend codes and requires you to download an app to link up with friends, rather than offering easily integrated chat facilities. For a modern gaming system, its clumsiness with social interaction is disappointing, although it performs well for local multiplayer options, and this may not be a big deal for many users.


Some users have defective controllers. Unfortunately, I had the same problem. Whenever I played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so it would get stuck pulling in one direction or wouldn’t receive feedback when you push it in a direction. It would just have moments of nonresponsiveness, and it was “supposedly” because, during the manufacturing of early runs of the controller, a piece of styrofoam meant to protect the electronics was accidentally left in and happened to be directly in front of the bluetooth receiver.

The reason for the issue was that it was receiving a poor signal to the console making the game unplayable. I returned one and sent back my second one to repair. But, it came back quickly, and it works perfectly ever since that happened.

The Best Games for Nintendo Switch

At launch, the Switch had limited game selections, with the most obvious favorite being the new Zelda. My favorite is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe since it reminds me of playing with my friends growing up.

However, there are enough games to keep people interested, with avid Mario fans having something to satisfy them, and releases like Skyrim offering a bit of variety. A few more Indie games, such as Stardew Valley, are in the process of being released, so Nintendo is looking to expand their range and provide plenty for everyone.

Overall, the Switch offers something truly special for gamers, combining portability with great playability, and proving that consoles can be flexible enough to deliver the best of both.

Most of the cons are minor points, easy for Nintendo to iron out over time, and the continued popularity of the Switch attests to its great design and unique hold in a very competitive market.

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