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README: @ReformedBroker on a crypto index; @GoCurryCracker runs out of cash; @Dappered features fall blazers

October 3, 2017 | by Team HC

@ReformedBroker isn’t sold on the new crypto-currency index fund:

I am not fully convinced on crypto, but I am fully convinced that enough other people are for it to matter.

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@GoCurryCracker ran out of cash … and it was OK:

Over the past couple years or so we’ve had a zero / non-existent “emergency fund.” Between blog income and dividends I manage our cash flow well enough, but on a regular basis we have close to zero cash on hand.

Because I track every penny we spend, we live well for less, and our credit cards give us free 0% interest loans every month, I haven’t seen the point in keeping a big cash reserve around “just in case.”

Emergencies do happen though. In our case it was an eye infection for my better half. Our first day in Japan was spent hunting down an English speaking eye doctor, who prescribed both antibacterial and antiviral eye drops. Total cost for 3 visits to the eye doctor plus prescriptions was about $120, cash only. (Will seek reimbursement by our travel insurance.) The eye patch was included.

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@Dappered dresses for fall:

It’s just not fair. A guy in a well tailored sportcoat or blazer has an unfair advantage vs. the rest of the room. A jacket cleans up your lines.

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