Original Penguin Slub Feeder Long Sleeve Shirt

October 11, 2017 | by Scott

The Original Penguin Slub Feeder Long Sleeve Shirt is one of my favorite shirts right now. I stumbled upon it at Nordstrom Rack while shopping for my fall wardrobe. It’s a new one in their autumn collection available in all sizes- small, medium, large, XL and XXL.

The shirt has a crew neck and a 3-button placket. Also, it has embroidered chest detail which adds to its stylish look. This long sleeve shirt is made of mixed fibers– 88% cotton and 12% polyester. Besides, it comes in three colors: dark shadow, dark sapphire, and true black.


I really like that it can be worn casually by itself, layered with a hoodie and under a jacket or underneath a sweatshirt for a more dressy look. The best part is the fit, which perfectly outlines the person’s body. Another great quality of this shirt is its simplicity.

Since it’s a basic shirt, it becomes easier to wear it for multiple events (like we mentioned above) teaming it up with an appropriate coat or jacket to enhance its look and style. Additionally, since it is majorly made of cotton, it can be worn in any season of the year.


However, the colors available are pretty limited. More varieties in colors could have made it more popular among teens and adults. The designers could also have added that hint of the designer look by probably giving a different color to the neck lining or maybe with better buttons.

It would have looked much better only if it had more designs in print instead of just the regular horizontal lines.

How to Wear It

Since it’s a long sleeves light shirt, you can wear it with a pullover of a darker or a lighter shade to set the mood of winter. You can also wear it with a jacket and a hood in case of extreme weather.

Both these looks can be used for semi-formal or casual occasions. What about formal ones, then? Well, for a dressier outing and a classic gentleman look, pair it with a structured yet stylish coat or a blazer. All eyes will be on you with this look.

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