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Dress Effortlessly Cool Like @christiancaro_

October 12, 2017 | by Scott

Who doesn’t want to be the coolest guy in the room? However, you never want to be the guy whose style comes off as trying hard to look cool. Today, we are featuring Christian Caro a Creative Consultant that his style gives off “cool guy” vibes with little to any effort it seems to be second nature to him.

Being colorful you know?

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If you don’t know where to start dressing cool, begin by replicating the look of guys that have mastered this technique like Christian. Here’s how to replicate his SoCal, “I woke up” like this look.


Christian is wearing a black short-sleeved tee with a playful graphic from Hiro Clark. Tees like this one are great for getting ready in seconds. Especially for a quick outing or last-minute date. The eye-catching print is a great start to looking fashionable with little effort.


We say this probably weekly, but black jeans are a must-have in your closet! Get them in every style from skinny to slim and straight legs jeans. You won’t be disappointed. They make getting dressed super easy, especially on a lazy weekend.

Shoes and Accessories

Complete your look with brown chukka boots. This pair from Steve Madden are on sale for under $50 and make a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Keep your accessories super simple. Wear a black baseball cap like Christian or if hats are not your thing, then pair black aviators and a black watch with your all black ensemble. And, those are enough to make you look effortlessly cool!

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