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How to Dress Better This Season, The Easy Way

October 18, 2017 | by Scott

Incorporating warmer pieces into your wardrobe this fall and winter doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on adding a bit of variety each season to keep your look fresh but also to avoid your style from becoming stale. Here are a few tips that you can start implementing today for the colder season ahead.

Wear the Color of the Season

Runway looks can rarely be incorporated into your everyday style, but you can definitely use them for inspiration. Grab from it the colors, patterns, and silhouettes you want to replicate. This season brown is the “it” color for men. Don’t focus on just the color, think about how to use it. Wear shades of brown or similar color palettes even patterns that have brown in it. That’s a great way to try a trend without entirely committing to wearing it.

Stick to Layers

Layering is not about just piling on several items of clothing, but it’s about how to do it right. Try doubling up outerwear, pick a thinner coat for the base layer matched with something a tad bit heavier. For example, a basic jean jacket like The Trucker Jacket from Levi’s can still be worn when colder weather comes around. With plaid being a huge hit pretty much every season having this included as the top layer will offer an overall fashion-forward look. The Hawke & Co. Outfitter down jacket from Macy’s is an excellent option for incorporating plaid into your outerwear.

The Perfect Boots

Sneakers are great but during the next few months, opt for durable shoes that will keep your feet warm and will hold up throughout the season. Dessert boots and Chukkas are good options to look put together when the weather is terrible outside. The Boston Boot Co. Chukka boots are easy to dress up or down, sleek and not at all bulky, so they will make you look good all season long. Avoid shoes with fur top detailing and chunky laces to get more wear out of them.

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